Masha Gessen: Rules for Surviving Autocracy

Masha Gessen is a Russian-American dissident who writes for the New York Times and the New York Review of Books. She wrote this article right after the election, on November 10. This consists of he…

Source: Masha Gessen: Rules for Surviving Autocracy

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Trump is a PSYCHO…

We have a psycho in the White House. He needs to be IMPEACHED immediately.

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John Merrow to the U.S. Senate: Why DeVos Should NOT Be Confirmed

The vote on Betsy DeVos could come as early as Friday. John Merrow has written to every senator. This is the letter he wrote, which he shared on his blog, The Merrow Report. “Friends, “…

Source: John Merrow to the U.S. Senate: Why DeVos Should NOT Be Confirmed

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Say No to Trump’s Vouchers

The best way to stop Trump’s plan to privatize public schools is to say no to vouchers, writes Frank Adamson of Stanford University.   “Vouchers violate the American ideal of democ…

Source: Say No to Trump’s Vouchers

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Kristen Rizga: To Understand Betsy DeVos, You Must Understand the Overton Effect

Diane Ravitch's blog

Kristen Rizga, a perceptive reporter for Mother Jones, has been writing about education for several years. Her book Mission High was an excellent portrait of a San Francisco that was labeled as “failing” even though its students were not failing and its staff was dedicated.

In this fascinating article, she describes the sheltered life of billionaire heiress Betsy DeVos and the unusual community that nurtured her world-view. She also reviews the charitable donations made by the foundations of Betsy Devos and her husband, as well as of her parents’  foundation, where Betsy was an officer. (She said in the Senate hearing that she was not involved in her mother’s foundation, but did not acknowledge that she was an officer of the foundation for many years until recently.)

Although the DeVoses have rarely commented on how their religious views affect their philanthropy and political activism, their spending speaks volumes. Mother Jones…

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Two of the Worse candidates re: 2016 election from the DEMs and REPs for the USA Presidential elections! 

Anyone as disgusted as I am re: this HORRID two-party system? There is more than REPs and DEMs. Vote in your best interest, not for the oligarchs. 

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Pathetic Presidential Elections

What a JOKE!

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