Reading makes a person smart.

Reading develops compassion.

Reading improves writing.

Reading improves critical thinking.

Sounding out words is NOT READING.


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Corruption to the HILT = Hillary and Trump. 

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After 15 Years of Fake “Reform,” U.S. Seniors See Slippage in Scores on NAEP

In short, NCLB (signed into law in 2002) and Race to the Top (launched in 2009) have been failures. They have been disastrous failures. How many billions of dollars were wasted no testing and test prep? How many teachers and principals were fired? How many schools were closed? How many public schools were turned over to entrepreneurs? As a nation, we have endured fourteen years of failed federal policies. Will we ever learn that testing doesn’t produce higher achievement? Will we ever learn that intrinsic motivation is more powerful than threats and rewards? Heckuva job, President Obama and former Secretary Arne Duncan!

Source: After 15 Years of Fake “Reform,” U.S. Seniors See Slippage in Scores on NAEP

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Nevada: The “Turnaround Process” Is a Huge Lie: It is Not About Children or Education, Just Data

Diane Ravitch's blog

Angie Sullivan, kindergarten teacher in Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada, works in a school that is eligible for “turnaround.” All the teachers were called for interviews. Here is her report on what happened:

The CCSD turnaround school selection process is a nonsensical destructive monster. They claim school turnaround is based on data – and this is a lie. This CCSD “empire” needs to be reviewed and reconsidered.

At a time when 30,000 CCSD students do not have a licensed teacher – the highly qualified fully licensed teachers at my school were “interviewed” yesterday. The main product of the turnaround interview: scaring real teachers who have been under threat of interview since December 15th.

There are plenty of schools in the district to “turnaround” since many places have only long term substitutes as staff. Opportunties for “take-over” are plentiful.

There is no good reason to threaten to implode a fully staffed…

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John Thompson: How Should Educators React to ESSA?

Diane Ravitch's blog

John Thompson, teacher and historian in Oklahoma, appraises the new law called “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA).
He writes:

Here’s another submittal if you like it.

As educators rush to understand the actual wording of the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), we must ask the far more important question of what the new law really means. In education (as in most of life?) it is the music, not just the lyrics, that really communicates. The first question is how systems will interpret not just the letter of the law but also the thrust of the ESSA. Equally important is how educators respond to managements’ interpretations of its accountability provisions. In doing so, we should keep the history of the NCLB Act of 2002 in mind, and not repeat the devastating mistakes caused by a decade and a half of test, sort, reward, and punish education malpractice.


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AERA Issues Warning Against Use of VAM

VAM gage politicians!

Diane Ravitch's blog

The American Educational Research Association issued a warning against the use of value added measures for high-stakes decisions regarding educators and teacher preparation programs. The cardinal rule of assessment is that tests should be used only for the purpose for which they were created. A measure of fourth grade reading measures the student, not the teacher, the principal, or the school.

AERA Issues Statement on the Use of Value-Added Models in Evaluation of Educators and Educator Preparation Programs
WASHINGTON, D.C., November 11—In a statement released today, the American Educational Research Association (AERA) advises those using or considering use of value-added models (VAM) about the scientific and technical limitations of these measures for evaluating educators and programs that prepare teachers. The statement, approved by AERA Council, cautions against the use of VAM for high-stakes decisions regarding educators.

In recent years, many states and districts have attempted to use VAM to determine…

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The Reformers’ War on Language and on Democracy

Source: The Reformers’ War on Language and on Democracy

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