Two of the Worse candidates re: 2016 election from the DEMs and REPs for the USA Presidential elections! 

Anyone as disgusted as I am re: this HORRID two-party system? There is more than REPs and DEMs. Vote in your best interest, not for the oligarchs. 

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Pathetic Presidential Elections

What a JOKE!

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Do you know a potty head? 20 identifying qualities . . . 

20 Qualities of a Potty Head: 

1. Selfish 

2. Arrogant

3. Spoiled

4. Narcissistic 

5. Argumentative

6. Has to be right, at any expense 

7. Sarcastic

8. Uses vocabulary to “stun and impress” rather than to communicate 

9. Unpredictable 

10. Quick to anger

11. Judgmental yet thinks that ‘anything’ even obscenities should be okay 

12. Self-pitying energy sucker

13. Usually addicted to something, be it drugs, sex, rock ‘n roll, can be super religious to feel better than thou

14. Ungrateful 

15. Can’t see self

16. Makes a lousy spouse 

17. Eating habits questionable; after all, person sees self as idestructible even when the evidence shows otherwise

18. Cannot admit wrong-doing

19. Hangs out in the id not the super-ego (higher being) 

20. Is unhappy and wants others to wallow, too 

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Bill Moyers says it all!

Read this one. Says a lot.

We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People
Saving the Soul of Democracy
byBill Moyers


In May, President Obama and I both spoke at the Rutgers University commencement ceremony. He was at his inspirational best as 50,000 people leaned into every word. He lifted the hearts of those young men and women heading out into our troubled world, but I cringed when he said, “Contrary to what we hear sometimes from both the left as well as the right, the system isn’t as rigged as you think…”

Wrong, Mr. President, just plain wrong. The people are way ahead of you on this. In a recent poll, 71% of Americans across lines of ethnicity, class, age, and gender said they believe the U.S. economy is rigged. People reported that they are working harder for financial security. One quarter of the respondents had not taken a vacation in more than five years. Seventy-one percent said that they are afraid of unexpected medical bills; 53% feared not being able to make a mortgage payment; and, among renters, 60% worried that they might not make the monthly rent.

Millions of Americans, in other words, are living on the edge. Yet the country has not confronted the question of how we will continue to prosper without a workforce that can pay for its goods and services.




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My TAKE: The qualities of a GREAT leader

Good leaders are the ones who care about promoting and engendering peace. Thus they create laws and environments where there is peace for human kind and can live in harmony with nature and others.

Bad leaders are the ones whose answer to problems is to do war and mayhem and often FOR PROFIT. Power and money blinds them and they cannot or will not see the mayhem of their actions.

Good leaders do not live in a $$$$$ bubble.

Bad leaders only can think of their pocketbook and power over others.

My conclusion about the 2016 Presidential elections: Both Trump and Hillary are UNSUITED to be President. This 2016 Presidential election is ridiculous and most SAD. Both Trump and Hillary are embarrassments.

Vote Jill Stein.

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Trump or Hillary? NOPE, neither works for me.

I keep receiving surveys about whether or not I will vote for Trump or Hillary.


If you care about this country we have to get rid of the OLIGARCHY and the $$$$$ driving politics.

Vote 3rd Party. Jill Stein is good.

Do not vote in FEAR. Vote your conscience. FEAR is what the pundits use to get your vote. THINK!


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2016 Elections

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton should NOT be President of the USA. Both are UNSUITED. BOTH are the ELITE. BOTH are just a lot of hot air.

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